Stormwater / Water Quality

What is Storm Water? 
Storm water is water that runs off impervious surfaces such as rooftops, paved streets, driveways, highways, parking lots, packed gravel roads, and hard surfaces like athletic fields. All properties with impervious surface generate stormwater runoff.

Storm water runoff carries a high amount of sediment and surface pollutants such as:

- petroleum products from automobiles, trash, and

- phosphorus and nitrogen from pet waste, over-fertilization of lawns, and soaps.

Storm water is washed down storm drains. Most storm water is not treated before it empties into streams, rivers, and lakes. The sediment and pollutants are carried downstream and eventually make their way into Lake Champlain.

Negative Effects of Stormwater 
Unmanaged stormwater is causing water pollution, erosion, flooding and unstable streambanks in areas of South Burlington. The volume and force of storm water runoff can scour tributary channels, creating significant erosion.

Storm water runoff and its contained pollutants affect the health of our streams and Lake Champlain, compromising public resources that many of us cherish.

Stormwater Runoff Causes 
- increased economic costs to residents,

- negative effect on human health and well-being, and

- loss of species diversity in the watershed.

Illicit Discharges 
Illicit discharges are any direct or indirect discharge to the storm drain system that are not composed entirely of storm water, except as examples by Shelburne's storm water ordinance. 
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