Comprehensive Plan

Purpose of the Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is a policy document created to guide development and conservation in the Town.  The plan was created by a group of citizens who share deep respect for the town's past.

Adoption of Most Current Plan

The 2014 Comprehensive Plan was originally adopted by the Selectboard on February 25, 2014 following three warned public hearings and multiple public meetings.

The Selectboard subsequently voted to amend Volume 1 of the Plan in September of 2014 to address the issue of unrelated proliferation of telecommunication towers and facilities.  Volume 1 was amended again in June of 2016 to address statutory requirements relating to designated village centers and neighborhoods.  The Comprehensive Plan consists of two primary volumes and an extensive series of maps. In preparing the plan, the Planning Commission and Selectboard attempted to gain public input in a variety of ways.  

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