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Planning Commission holds hearing on Form Based Zoning Amendment, Design Review Process; votes to forward changes to Selectboard

For the last several months, the Planning Commission has been discussing a proposal to amend the “Form Based Zoning” section of the Town’s zoning bylaws. The Planning Commission conducted a public hearing on the proposal on Thursday, November 14, 2019. At the conclusion of the hearing, the Planning Commission voted to forward the proposal to the Selectboard for its consideration. 

The Planning Commission proposal would modify the regulations by updating and reformatting –including renumbering— the “Form Based” zoning frame work adopted by the Selectboard. Form Based Zoning (FBZ) was enacted to provide an alternative to the existing, traditional “Euclidian” zoning framework. Changes within the proposal would modify the following: Regulating Plan; Building Form & Lot Development Standards; Public Realm Standards; Parking; Landscaping, Screening and Lighting Standards; Sustainable Design; Signage Standards; Previously Developed Sites; and Definitions. 
The hearing on November 14, 2019 also included consideration of a second amendment proposal. The second proposal would modify the regulations by simplifying the application and review procedure for certain minor projects proposed within the Historic Preservation and Design Review Overlay. The HPDRC would continue to review all applications, as it does currently. However, Design Review Board review would be avoided in cases where a proposal is not also subject to some other review process such as Conditional Use Review, Site Plan Review, or Subdivision Review. At the conclusion of the hearing, the Planning Commission also voted to forward the Design Review Overlay proposal to the Selectboard for its consideration.

For More Information

You will find a copy of the proposals and associated bylaw change reports in the “Related Documents” section of this web page. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Planning and Zoning office.

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