Artists Featured at the Town Offices

The Month of March will feature the Art of Katie Carleton


Artist's Biography - Katie Carleton

"When I was eight years old, lying in a hospital bed and recovering from an operation, I drew 250 sketches. The doctor was thrilled when I handed him his portrait. My private joke was that it wasn't flattering; I didn't appreciate the surgery.
I had such a creative surge roar through me that I couldn't stop expressing, through pen and paper, what I was unable to articulate verbally.  But don't get me wrong, I also would get these out of control moments of joy that had to come out, whether in a sketchbook or in the margins of a textbook. Strong emotions motivate my spirit to create.

I had the privilege of studying painting under the twinkling eye of Stan Mark Wright, a renowned artist from Stowe, back in the 80's.  He encouraged my sense of humor and guided my art journey until I made it to New England School of Art and Design. My sense of humor often got me into trouble, but when one is guided by strong pains and strong joys, one does the best that they can to control their muse.

I'm displaying an array of expressions done in different mediums.  Oils, acrylics, watercolor, and pencil sketches. There may be a colored pencil in there as well.  My hope is that you enjoy flipping through the sketchbooks, get inspired to create art of your own, and get a glimpse of an artist's journey."