Artists Featured at the Town Offices

The Month of September we feature the art work of: Robin Grace
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"I was born in Western Australia, and painting has always been a sustaining factor in my life. From my early childhood, I remember being very interested in playing with pain and mixing colors. Color and the exploration of shape and line, along with gesture, rhythm, and music, are all fundamental to how I express myself with paint. The layering and weaving of paint are the way I engage with memories of place, particularly memories of the Australian landscape with its intense color contrasts and energy. My new home of Shelburne, Vermont, offers me a whole new set of visual interests, and more and more I've been responding to this landscape around me. My life's journey has been an interesting one, with many adaptations to new environments, and it's in painting that I tap into the emotions that drive my work. Painting transports me, and I hope that my painting allow others to be transported too.

​ My art has won numerous awards across the northeast, the most notable being Best in Show in Portland, Maine in 2007 and First Place in the 2013 Wickford, Rhode island Art Association shows "Anything Goes" and "Avant Garde."

​ I have resided in Vermont since 2016 and rent a studio at Shelburne Pond Studio (Studio 7)."

​Stop by the Town Offices to see her work.

Robin Grace

robin grace