Artists Featured at the Town Offices

The Month of  December we are featuring the art of Linda Reynolds
Linda Reynolds
​1022 Hollow Road
​North Ferrisburgh, VT 05473

​Ph: 802-989-3234

​From the artist: 
​I have been painting watercolors of places I like since I was a kid. My aim is for them to suggest a sense of smell, temperature, time of day, and a feeling for place.  Layers of mountains, clouds, and rural environments inspire me daily, especially the sky and how it affects the landscape.  Scenes in all weather urge me to paint them.  I'd like my work to look like George Winston's music sounds: expansive.  My hope is to "fill space beautifully" as Georgia O'Keefe said.  Painting is evidence of awareness versus existing unconsciously.  But for me, art can't be done until after the animals, house and garden chores are completed, which seldom happens, so painting is not a daily activity but precious time away from the ordinary.  I drive a lot and stop to take photographs, have taken thousands of land, water, tree, and skies to be potential paintings, but prefer to paint directly from nature.

​The way paper, paint, brushes, and light conspire to have something to say and seem to cooperate with my hand, eyes, heart, and memory to create something I couldn't have imagined before the process started.  This is magical.  Painting is a way of slowing down and celebrating life reverently.  Even though the watercolor itself goes quickly, there is preparation, forethought, deliberation, and of course inspiration; spontaneity is what it is and not correctable, but always feels like an adventure.

​I grew up in Rowayton, Connecticut, graduated from Northfield School in Massachusetts and Rhode Island School of Design in 1969.  I attended various summer art, design, and craft schools.  I taught art from 1976 at CCV, Church Street Center, Burlington Vocational Technical Center, and finally at Mt. Abraham Union High School until 2012.  I have lived and painted in the Champlain Valley for 48 years.  These days I find myself painting commissioned portraits of favorite views, houses, people, and pets.  If you have someone or place you'd like painted in this watercolor style please contact me.  I also have a lot of cards, unframed pieces,
​ and prints that would like to be seen.

​Stop by the Shelburne Town Offices to see my show this month.