New Library & Town Center Project

Bond Vote Statement

The Library Building Steering Committee wants to extend its appreciation to the residents of Shelburne, the Library Board of Trustees, the Selectboard, Vermont Integrated Architecture, Neagley & Chase, the Fire Department, and everyone else who has contributed to this project thus far.  We believe that the new library, renovations to the Town Hall, and municipal campus improvements will make Shelburne a better place for generations to come.  Much hard work still lays ahead and we look forward to the entire communities continued involvement.

Mission Statement

To formulate and implement a comprehensive plan to solve the space and maintenance issues of the Pierson Library, subject to approval of that plan by the Board of Library Trustees and the Shelburne Selectboard. The plan will be thoroughly evaluated to meet the joint needs of the library (as represented by the Library Director and the Board of Trustees) and the needs and requirement of the Municipality (as represented by the Town Manager and the Selectboard).

Your Help is Needed

The Library Building Committee would like your ideas, input, feedback, and assistance as we move forward on the library's future.  Please contact Town Manager, Joe Colangelo if you are willing to help and thank you!
Email Joe or call 802-985-5111.


Interested in donating to the New Library / Community Center Project?  If so, please make checks payable to "Town of Shelburne - Future Library and Town Center Fund" and mail to:
Pierson Library
5376 Shelburne Road
Shelburne, VT 05482
or feel free to drop off your check at the library.  Donations are tax deductible and deeply appreciated.