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Shelburne Rescue provides mutual aid for the Shelburne Volunteer Fire Department, surrounding communities including Charlotte, Ferrisburg, Hinesburg, Huntington, Monkton, and South Burlington.

The most important resource to Shelburne Rescue is the commitment of our volunteers. Through our volunteers we are able to provide 24 / 7 coverage 365 days a year providing emergency coverage to the Shelburne community.   We currently have over 50 volunteer members on our roster; nine were received in November, when the Squad held an open house on the first Saturday of the month.  The open house was open to the entire community, and we were delighted with the number of Shelburne residents who attended.

Our members are pleased and proud to eliminate the tax burden to the Town of Shelburne taxpayers for the eighth consecutive year.  Through insurance billing, generous community donations, and our annual subscription service, Shelburne Rescue has been able to cover all its major expenses, including, but not limited to, our one full time employee's salary, squad building maintenance, utilities, equipment, training costs, capital budget planning and the purchase of a new 2015, Ford 450 Ambulance, this past year. 

If you would like further information on becoming a member please give us a call at 802-985-5125 or fill out the application to the right of the page.

Shelburne Rescue Positions 

A Normal Duty Crew will minimally contain a Shelburne Rescue Recognized Crew Chief, a Shelburne Rescue recognized Driver, and a third person who is minimally certified as an Emergency Medical Technician by the Vermont Office of Emergency Medical Services.  Additional crewmembers and observers may be part of the crew at the discretion of the Crew Chief.

Shelburne Rescue Crew Chief

The Crew Chief has overall responsibility and command of the ambulance crew and any EMS personnel.
  The Crew Chief serves as the Officer in Charge for the direction of EMS related Operations as well as the direction of patient care.  While the duties of the Crew Chief may be delegated to other personnel, the Crew Chief normally acts as a liaison to the hospital, other EMS and response agencies, and dispatch.  All EMS personnel are responsible to, and serve at the direction and discretion of the Crew Chief.   A Crew Chief holds a State certification as an Advanced Emergency Technician.

The Crew Chief shall be responsible for the actions of the ambulance crew, including the safety of the crew, patients, bystanders, and patient care.  Overlapping calls from one shift to another is the responsibility of the Crew Chief, so as to insure proper coverage for both calls.

Shelburne Rescue Ambulance Drivers

Drivers are, twenty-one (21) years of age or older, who have completed the Shelburne Rescue Driver’s Training program. A Driver may or may not hold a current Vermont EMS certification but are CPR and OSHA certified members.
  The Driver’s duties include operating the ambulance in a safe manner, helping with equipment, lifting, radio communications, and other tasks as directed by the Crew Chief.  The driver must adhere to Shelburne Rescues driving manual and assists in the sterilization of equipment, cleanliness prior to leaving the hospital after a call.

Shelburne Rescue Third

The Third holds a minimum certification as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with the State of Vermont.
  They assist in securing needed equipment at the scene and are responsible with direct patient care, and must complete Shelburne Rescue’s Thirds checklist.  A Third takes all vital signs and is responsible for applying appropriate bandaging/oxygen, etc. as needed.  The Third also assists with direct patient care on scene and during transportation to the hospital.

Shelburne Rescue Observer Fourth

  (CPR & OSHA Certified) (No Patient Care)
The Observer shall be responsible for completing a modified checklist before running any actual emergency calls.
  Supervision will be provided by a trained EMS provider on the responding crew and only be allowed to perform basic tasks.  An observer may not be a primary patient care provider and they serve under the direction and discretion of the Third and Crew Chief.  A Shelburne Rescue Observer may also be a State certified EMT, but are still working on their Thirds checklist.


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Current Officers for Shelburne Rescue

Linda Goodrich, Chief
Megan Cross, Assistant Chief
Wendi Turner, Treasurer
Andrew Kehl, Training Officer
Jenna Lindermann, Secretary

Shelburne Rescue Call Volume
2012   746 calls
   831 calls
   856 calls
   877 calls
2016 Estimated call volume of over 900 calls

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