Town Clerk & Treasurer

COVID19 Updated Procedures:

We expend a great amount of energy in making our records available online to everyone. Please continue using as much as possible. For everyone's safety, you are allowed to access the clerk's office and the vault by appointment only.

This is the current procedure to access our vault:

  1. Please call any time (802-985-5116) to make an appointment to visit.
  2. Please call ahead to request your lister/tax information so we may have it ready for you to pick up.
  3. Please wash your hands in the bathroom on the ground floor. And you may use the hand sanitizer dispenser on the wall as you enter the vault.  
  4. Please wear a mask and keep a respectful 6 foot distance.
  5. Please bring your own materials (i.e. pen, notebook, etc.)
  6. Please ring the doorbell/knock on the door to Clerk’s office to be let into the offices.
  7. Please pay by check or we will invoice you. We cannot accept credit cards at this time. 

We will be happy to email or mail out information when it’s not available online. The number and email for lister cards is 802-985-5115 and email is Betty Jean. The number and email for tax information is 802-985-5120 and email is Candy.  If Candy or Betty Jean are unavailable, we will do our best to accommodate you.

If you have extenuating/dire circumstances and need access on another day of the week, please contact me directly to make arrangements. 802-264-5075 or 802-343-3145. 

We will sanitize at the beginning middle and end of the day. This routine will be the "new norm". In addition, I will be sanitizing between appointments.


To obtain a notary please:  

  1. call 802-985-5116 to make an appointment.  
  2. wear a mask and keep a respectful 6 feet distance.
  3. bring your own pen, id, and proper documents.
  4. ring the doorbell/knock on the door to the Clerk’s office. I will let you in.
  5. feel free to use the hand sanitizer at the door.

When I think about all the people in world who are struggling to breathe, I remember what’s important to me, unconditional true love. I love my family and my community. I will do my best to protect our staff, and the residents of our beloved town, while keeping the office up to standards and serving the public.  

Please note: Please access Shelburne’s land records online at:

Welcome to Shelburne's Town Clerk Webpage.

It is our honor and privilege to serve you, the residents of Shelburne, and all those who come through our doors. Shelburne is a beautiful place to call home with many historical places to visit and fun family events to attend.

Please contact us, if you have any questions regarding our community. We do our best to answer your questions or direct you to the person who can.  We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you and our community.


Diana Vachon, Town Clerk

Town Clerk Responsibilities and Services

The office of the Town Clerk is responsible for the operation, preservation and administration of records as prescribed by law.  This includes land records, elections, minutes, all vital records, grand lists and other state mandated reports.

The Town Clerk is Presiding Officer responsible for the administration and conduct of all town and general elections.

The Clerk and Assistant Clerks are ex officio Notary Publics and therefore, provide free notary services.

The Clerk's office issues licenses for animal (dogs and cats), liquor and marriages.  We preserve and issue certified copies of birth certificates, death certificates and marriage licenses.

The Shelburne Town Clerk's office is a United States Passport Acceptance Facility.  with two passport agents on staff, we are able to process passports Monday through Friday.  Please call ahead to make an appointment, 802-985-5116.