Chief Michael Thomas with his wife Cheryl at his pinning ceremony, October 15, 2022

Mike Thomas

If You Need an Ambulance, Medical Services or Have an Emergency, Dial 9-1-1 Now!

Suicide Prevention

First Call for Chittenden County:


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:


National Crisis Text Line:


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We are committed to our mission through development and pursuit of goals designed to enhance public safety to the community. Our mission is "To Protect and Serve" life, individual liberty, and property of everyone within the town; to develop and maintain a positive relationship with members of the community, and to foster a positive working environment for police and communications employees.

We are a full-service Police Department, accessible to the public 24 hours a day, year round. Feel free to call or stop by to discuss any problems or concerns that you have.  The Police Department carries a broad range of motor vehicle forms, as well as information about domestic violence, Enhanced 9-1-1, Fish and Game Regulations, Child Restraint and Internet Safety Brochures.  The Police Department provides many different services including Neighborhood Watch, Vacant House Checks, Child Safety Seat Inspections, Applicant Fingerprinting, and operates a speed enforcement cart for monitoring traffic speeds on major roads and neighborhood streets.

The Shelburne Police Department and Shelburne Communications Center are located at 5420 Shelburne Road, Shelburne, Vermont, on the Ground Floor of the Shelburne Town Office Complex.

Entry can be made through the Northern Entrance (24 Hour Access) or Southern Entrances (Locked After Hours).  If the Northern Entrance is locked, just press the Intercom button to contact the Dispatcher.
Please be patient, the Dispatcher may be busy dispatching an Emergency!

Regarding 9-1-1 Calls (further Information)

• If you accidentally dial 9-1-1, Please Do Not Hang-up!

Please advise us that you have made a mistake and stay on the line to answer further questions. If you do not remain on the line, emergency procedures will have been initiated, resulting in unnecessary and costly mobilization of personnel and equipment.

• Please remember 9-1-1 is used to report emergencies such as a Fire, Medical Emergency, or Crime in Progress. All other complaints and inquiries should be reported through our Non-Emergency line.

• All non-emergency power outages should be reported to your electrical utility provider.
Shelburne Police Vehicle