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Coordinator, Acting Chief Michael Thomas


Ph:  802-985-8051
Fax: 802-985-5114 


For over thirty years the National Sheriff's Association's Neighborhood Watch program has built partnerships between law enforcers and community members to reduce crime and improve the quality of life in their communities. Today, with its continued emphasis on crime reduction, Neighborhood Watch has expanded its mission to include securing the homeland by encouraging, promoting, and empowering people to get involved in their communities through Neighborhood Watch.

Joint Responsibility

The prevention of crime - particularly crime involving residential neighborhoods - is aresponsibility that must be shared equally by law enforcement and private citizens. The fact is, the impact on crime prevention by law enforcement alone is minimal when compared with the power of private citizens working with law enforcement and with each other. Neighborhood Watch is based on this concept of cooperation, and nation wide statistics prove that it works. When citizens take positive steps to secure their own property
and neighbors learn how to report suspicious activity around their homes, burglaries and related offenses decrease dramatically.


Our goal is to reach out to as many people as possible and build a strong and lasting relationship based on trust, respect and teamwork. Working together we can improve the quality of life for all members of the
Shelburne community and those that are only passing through. 

To Report a Crime

As completely as possible your name will remain anonymous when you tell us what you know about a crime. Although we are only interested in what you have to say about a crime you should understand that electronic communication leaves a trail. In near future we will provide a way of reporting a crime online.  In the meantime, please call us at

You May Also Contact

Champlain Valley Crime Stoppers
Ph: 802-864-6666 
Toll Free: 800-427-8477      

Neighborhood Safety Tips

Securing Vehicles
Securing Home  
Bike Safety 
Properly Fit a Bike Helmet  
Properly Locking Your Bicycle 
Jogging/Running Safety
Dog Attacks 
Firearms Safety 
Securing Firearms 

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