Village Planning Studies

Ongoing Studies and Work

This section of the Town’s web site has been established to provide information about studies and work that are focused on a portion of Shelburne Village but are likely to be of interest to persons throughout the Town and beyond.

Scoping Study 

As detailed on a separate page, in late 2012 the Town approached the Chittenden Country Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC) seeking assistance with the task of identifying improvements that would address traffic congestion at the intersection of US 7-Falls Road-Harbor Road. CCRPC responded to the Town’s request by assigning a consulting firm (Stantec) to conduct a Scoping study.

Scoping studies follow a defined process that includes public involvement, evaluation of alternatives, and selection of a preferred alternative. As part of the scoping study, consultants are examining the potential role the so-called Loop Road might play in addressing future traffic conditions in Shelburne village. (The Loop Road, has been a feature of local planning studies and plans since the early 1960s. It has been identified as a priority within capital spending plans recently reviewed by the Shelburne Selectboard.)

It must be noted, however, that the consultants are not designing or otherwise advancing implementation of the Loop Road. The Loop Road is one of a number of alternative improvements being considered at the current time. To learn more, visit the Scoping Study Page.

2013 Village Planning Studies 

As detailed on a separate page, the Town of Shelburne intends to engage a consultant team to investigate infrastructure planning issues and economic development opportunities relating to the possible development of a connector road (Loop Road) in Shelburne village.

The project, which is being funded in part with a grant from the state of Vermont, has four main elements. Those elements are a market assessment, parking analysis, identification of infrastructure planning issues, and identification of potential regulatory issues.

The primary objective of the project is the development of information that will help the Town make decisions regarding any implementation of a Loop Road. The selected consultants will provide consultation, analysis, expert opinion, and written material, and will also interact with members of the public in one-on-one and public settings.

Stakeholder Group 

As detailed on a separate page , a Stakeholders group has been created because the Town and the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission—which respectively are coordinating the Village Planning Studies and the Scoping studies—believe that creating an ongoing forum for public input and conversation would increase the success of those efforts. It’s believed that creation of a Stakeholders group would help do that by supplementing input gained at Selectboard meetings and other formal events. To learn more, visit the Stakeholder group page. 

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