Child Seat Safety

The Shelburne Police Department has a long history of working with the State of Vermont to enforce and educate citizens regarding child seat safety.

In addition to flyers and leaflets that are handed out at special events, or through the school system, the Shelburne Police Department has continued to maintain the "Child Passenger Restraint Information Center" in our department lobby. This information center is managed by one of the CPS Technicians, and offers numerous pamphlets and bulletins on Child Seat Safety. This board becomes extremely useful when no CPS Technician is on duty, allowing citizens to help themselves to the information until an appointment can be made to speak with a CPS Technician. 
Our CPS Technicians have attended numerous checkpoints sponsored by the Governor's Highway Safety Program and conducted safety checks by appointments while on duty.  Sgt. Fortin attended six of the statewide Child Car Seat Inspection sights, and inspected and oversaw new technician's child seat installations.

Information on child passenger safety and seat belt use are sent home at the beginning of the school year and periodic checks are conducted at the schools to see that parents are complying with Child Restraint laws. While visiting these locations, if a child safety seat misuse is noted, it is corrected at that time. Child safety seat education is also provided at area day care facilities. 
We have participated in the "Booster Seat Mini Grant" program, sponsored by the Governor's Highway Safety Program. We filed the appropriate applications and were awarded the grant. In coordination with the nurse at the Shelburne Community School, the Shelburne Police Department was able to distribute approximately 20 booster seats to families and their children, who may otherwise not have been able to afford them.

During the National Seat Belt Safety Week in February 2006, the Shelburne Police Department setup Booster Seat presentations every day in both Shelburne Community School and Hinesburg Community School. Shelburne Police utilized the Governor's Highway Safety Program Program's Demonstrator to show the proper use of Booster Seats for Children ranging in ages from one to three. 
The Shelburne Police Department gave local car dealerships occupant safety packages containing informative materials pertaining specifically to Child Seat Safety and Occupant Protection. It is our hope that consumers will make informed vehicle purchases based, not just on the latest amenities and luxuries, but also on the safety measures that are available to the consumer to meet both State Federal occupant safety regulations. We also provided several other local business with information, as requested.