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Applying to Shelburne Rescue

Shelburne Rescue is always looking for new members of any experience level.  We operate on the continued commitment of our volunteers.  If you are not certified, we will work with you to obtain the required training. Please give us a call today to see what opportunities we have that can fit into your schedule.

General Information

Shelburne Rescue is a volunteer Emergency Medical Service (EMS). We have a 48 hour per month duty commitment for our members. There is a business meeting the first Tuesday of every month and a training meeting the second Tuesday of every month.  Members can choose to run weekday, evening, or weekend shifts.  Fill out an application form by clicking on Related Documents.

There are four positions a member can fill:

Crew Chief:

  An experienced EMT who oversees and directs each call.


Responsible for safely driving the ambulance. We have an extensive training program for this role.


  An EMT who works under the direction of the Crew Chief, providing direct patient care.


A member who primarily observes the calls while training to become an EMT and a Third.

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