2020 Award Recipient - Gail Albert

Gail Albert - 2019 Award Recipient

Gail has been a tireless volunteer and ambassador for the Town of Shelburne for many years. She has been a member of the Shelburne Natural Resources and Conservation Committee for over 35 years, in the role of Chair since 2006. This has involved countless hours of monthly committee meetings (involving both SNRC, Planning, Zoning and Historic Preservation), done site walks through out town, attended and presented at Select Board meetings, written articles for the Shelburne News, overseen the updating of the Open Space Plan and collaborated with many state and local conservation organizations. Shelburne residents overwhelmingly value land conservation and environmentally sound land management regulations. This is evident by the long history of supporting the Open Space Fund. We are truly lucky to have someone of Gail‘s integrity and drive to lead our town in this area.  

Gail has also been one of Shelburne’s best “cheerleaders” as part of her work with her husband Ken and their business Shelburne Vineyards. The tasting room and vineyard were an important building block in the south end of the town in an area that is now a major tourist attraction.  Gail’s involvement on many tourism related committees and projects through her work with Shelburne Vineyards has brought great publicity to our town. One example is the Vermont Cheese Festival held at Shelburne Farms. It is now one of the top festivals in New England and brings large numbers of people through out town. Another is her participation in the Taste of Vermont showcase in Washington, D.C. 

Gail has given her time and energy in support of this town for many, many years. And best of all she does it with grace and warmth. There is no question in my mind that Gail Albert exemplifies the spirit of the Colleen Haag Award and that it is time to thank her for all she has done for the Town of Shelburne.

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Gail Albert - Photo by Lee Krohn

Gail Albert