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March 21, 2020 7:55 AM

Important Parks Notice Regarding Parks & Court Use (March 31, 2020)

Please practice social distancing techniques while at public parks, such as keeping 6 feet away from other park visitors. Please do not use the public parks if you are feeling sick or showing any symptoms such as coughing, shortness of breath, or fever.

Notice to all park users regarding court play. For those that continue to use the tennis, pickleball and basketball courts, you must maintain social distancing.
Please adhere to the following policies until further notice:
• Only family or household members share the courts at one time.
• Basketball players should practice solo drills and shooting. No games allowed with multiple players.
• Tennis/pickleball players should play singles or family vs. family matches

We hope to keep all these park amenities open and available, but if these spaces continue to draw crowds who are not maintaining a 6’ social distance, we will need to close them or take other measures to ensure safety (ie, remove basketball rims to prevent pick up games). We need your help to keep our parks open. Additional signage will be posted at the court and we will be monitoring the locations for compliance. Parents – Please supervise your teens at the basketball court as this is the most common group in non-compliance!

The playground equipment is NOT being cleaned or disinfected and it is possible for the virus to survive on metal for several days. If you choose to allow children to use the playground equipment, please follow recommended hygiene practices. Use hand sanitizer after playing if possible and thoroughly wash hands with soap as soon as possible. Avoid touching your hands to your face and mouth. Help supervise children and keep them an acceptable social distance apart from other children on the playground.

Please remember while visiting parks to pick up after your pet if they accompany you, and keep them on a leash. Sorry, dogs are not allowed at the Beach Facility during any season.

We hope you enjoy your visit to the Parks and take advantage of the opportunity to recreate outdoors responsibly in our beautiful Town! If you have questions regarding the Town of Shelburne Parks please email

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