COVID 19 (Coronavirus) Updates

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June 10, 2020 8:42 AM

Update from Town Manager (June 5, 2020)

As you know, regarding COVID-19, we took early measures to close our Town buildings to public access & to implement different approaches to staffing offices and workplaces to promote health & safety, & limit risk of exposure for staff and the public.

As you also know, this has been an evolving work in progress. We have also worked to promote a consistent approach with or public buildings, primarily Town Offices and Library, regarding access, staffing, and meetings/activities.

Consistent with recently released guidelines, the Library will be reopening on Monday to public access in limited fashion. I think it makes sense for us to do the same here at Town Offices, again, in limited fashion. We will inform the public accordingly, but recognizing our much smaller workspaces compared with the wide open library space, we will strongly encourage visitation by appointment only – and masks required. We simply don’t have the space for people to mill about and maintain physical distancing. It won’t work perfectly, but to the extent we all promote the same message, it may help; and it’s consistent with restaurant guidelines requiring reservations, so it’s not like we’re being overly strict or unwelcoming.

Thank you. Please let me know how this all works out, and we’ll do our best to adjust accordingly as needed.

Be well; enjoy the weekend.
Lee Krohn, AICP

Town Manager

Town of Shelburne, Vermont


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